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365 days to be kind

Kindness-the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

With that in mind, I am determined to do one kind act a day.  I love doing things for others and not really having them know that it was me that did the act for them.  I love looking at books, quotes and posts for ideas on what can be done for others.  I love the fun, crazy national type of “days” that are listed… example National Chocolate Cake day was Jan 27, 2022.  The trick then is to take those days and turn them into kindness acts..  Missed that day this time, but sharing a piece of cake with a friend, baking someone a cake or sending a card with a cake picture are a few ideas for next year…

To see how I am doing with that, head over to our Facebook and Instagram accounts and check us out… If you happen to do an act, please post, comment or tag us. @365daystobekind #365daystobekind
Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.  ~Princess Diana



It’s the little things! Happy September

It is the beauty in the little things that make life so fun!  September is the start of my 365 days of taking a picture everyday of something that makes me happy, grateful and just downright lucky.  I will be posting these pictures on instagram and facebook.  Will try and keep up with the blogs every few days.  I am looking forward to seeing where this journey will take me.  I know recognizing the little things is the most important because they really are the big things.

Today we went to brunch with our supper club.  It wasn’t a scheduled dinner but became a group outing to celebrate Lisa’s 51st birthday!  It was hot and humid and we were outside but still with lots of cold champagne, oj and lots of water we had a great, leisurely time.  Brunch went on for 2 ½ hours.  There was a lot of laughing and of course for us, eating.  If you haven’t tried the brunch at 94th Aero Squadron, I highly recommend it.  Here’s to a great finish of 2013 and my day 1 of pictures!

Sept 1

March Supper Club 2013

Bonnie Jeans Soul Food Cafe..Off Euclid and 54th

Bonnie Jeans Soul Food Cafe..Off Euclid and 54th

Ever in need of some good old fashion Southern style food, then Bonnie Jean’s Soul Cafe is the place for you.  Our supper club tried it out this Saturday and it was good.  Service was a little slow and the food takes time to fry, but worth the wait for the fried chicken.  One person tried the fried pork chops and felt that they were a little dry.  Chicken however was really good.  Moist on inside with nice crisy breading on the outside.  No reservations are taken and they close at 7pm so get down there around 5 and it is perfect!  Our group has almost been together for a year and it has been fun trying out new places.  Ususally I am the queen of pictures for dessrts but this time we didn’t have any at the restaurant.  Instead we headed back to Rob and Dawn’s and had s’mores by the firepit!  Loving those but forgot the pictures!  Dark chocolate with the toasted marshmellow, crunchy graham crackers and it just adds up to YUMMY!!!  Watch for the next month’s entry and see where our group ventures to next!  BTW, congrats to Curtis and Jacqueline–baby on the way!!!!


Fried chicken, fried okra, cornbread and mac & cheese

Flight line Dash 5K

38 degrees as we prepare to walk

38 degrees as we prepare to walk

January 12, 2013

Flight line Dash 5K…

I did my first 5K for 2013.  My goal is 12. When I left the house at 7am the temperature was 38 degree.  What was I thinking?  Got to the base and got our package and noticed there was frost on the ground.  I was still at this point questioning my sanity.  Finally, at a little after8am, we crossed the start line for a beautiful morning walk on the base.  So glad I got out of my warm bed and did it.  Now, which one to do for February?  Research to be done tomorrow, today I just enjoy the accomplishment.

It's cold, but I am ready for my first 5K of 2013.  Loving the feeling of fulfilling a goal!

It’s cold, but I am ready for my first 5K of 2013. Loving the feeling of fulfilling a goal!


Trying to walk 3 days next week…Watch for my progress!

Day 2

I DID IT!!! Two days in a row!  Loving the feeling…I even cut a minute off of my 30 minute time from yesterday.  Walked a little later in the morning today but still beautiful and a little cool.  Like the way everyone says good morning when you are out walking the neighborhood.  Going to go for my goal of 3 times this week so I have a few days to go.  Watch for the updates!


Day 1

January 2, 2013

Got the bright idea that running could be the thing I want to try this year…Figure I better start walking consistently this month first…30 minutes at least 3 times a week…Love being outside, especially in San Diego…

Talked to a friend about running a while back and …She is actually did her first marathon last January.  Said the training wasn’t horrible but she did say that half marathons will be what she will be going back too…but she will be able to check the full off of her bucket list.

I on the other hand am just looking to run 5K’s…seem reasonable, and doable

New to this whole running thing, figured I would give it a try…Did my first 30 minute walk this morning and found a 5K to sign up for next weekend…Here we go!


Best way to get going is one foot in front of the other!

Best way to get going is one foot in front of the other!

Supper Club

First supper club
Fun times at the Barrel Room

I am looking forward to our supper club on Saturday.  We have been doing this for 2 months with some friends and are truly enjoying it.  Each month, someone picks a restaurant to try.  No chains, entrees about $15-22. Whoever picks makes the reservations.  We keep it to 2nd or 3rd Saturday of the month for easy planning for everyone.  First month was a the Barrel Room in RB.  Great food and wine and lots of fun!  Last month was Andres Restaurant down on Morena.  Awesome food.  Great Cuban flavors, loved the mixture of spices and the fried plantains were wonderful.  This month we are going to Bud’s Louisiana Cafe.  A place close to my heart since I still call Louisiana home.  Looking forward to shrimp or crawfish…Gumbo will be a must.  Look for my posting on it!

Here is the 2nd month place

Let the drinks get us started!