Supper Club

First supper club
Fun times at the Barrel Room

I am looking forward to our supper club on Saturday.  We have been doing this for 2 months with some friends and are truly enjoying it.  Each month, someone picks a restaurant to try.  No chains, entrees about $15-22. Whoever picks makes the reservations.  We keep it to 2nd or 3rd Saturday of the month for easy planning for everyone.  First month was a the Barrel Room in RB.  Great food and wine and lots of fun!  Last month was Andres Restaurant down on Morena.  Awesome food.  Great Cuban flavors, loved the mixture of spices and the fried plantains were wonderful.  This month we are going to Bud’s Louisiana Cafe.  A place close to my heart since I still call Louisiana home.  Looking forward to shrimp or crawfish…Gumbo will be a must.  Look for my posting on it!

Here is the 2nd month place

Let the drinks get us started!

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